The 2 major parties have very little real disagreement. They both exploit you.

Abstract: Many people think we have to vote for the better of 2 evils. But when Jesus lived, did He ask people to support the 2 corrupt parties of His time, the Sadducees or the Pharisees? No. He built a new 3rd way, the Christian church.  When the British Whigs and Torries were oppressing Americans, did America's founders support either of them? No, they struck out in a 3rd way, to build a new country!

Now, we have a US corporate empire with over 1000 military bases around the world conveniently near natural resources and which often overthrows governments based on whether they submit to US corporate interests or not. There are some honorable people in both parties, but both Clinton and Trump and some major democrat and republican party leaders have been heavily involved in economic exploitation of the middle class and /or causing wars/crimes across the world that harms millions of people (as will be documented below). 1000s of people, families and businesses lost their jobs, savings or were shut down as a result of Trump's numerous broken promises and cons. Clinton has been a huge supporter of war for oil, selling weapons for contributions to her foundation and more. The military costs alone are ~$1.7 trillion per year (that's enough money to end poverty worldwide at least 15 times) along with over a million lives destroyed and many others maimed/harmed. It puts us deeper and deeper into debt and is 1 major factor that is ruining the middle class. Over 160 major republicans have found Trump to rude, crude, immoral, greedy and corrupt to support and many democratic leaders and media sources have simliarly rejected Clinton for being incredibly corrupt and militaristic for greed

I suggest that ALL these critics are correct and that we stop supporting BOTH hugely corrupt, greedy and militaristic parties whose actions have made the US into a plutocracy and are destroying more and more freedom.

It's again time to "Test everything and choose that which is good." 1 Thess. 5:21, not the better of 2 evils, which will only produce more evil in the long run. Choosing the best good sometimes takes time and sacrifice to make aware of a higher good. But that brings a better life for the most people faster. It's how almost every human right was pioneered.  God gives principles for governments, the wealthy/middle class/poor individuals, churches, communities, etc. to make them stable long term. Following them is the best way to solve problems that exist at any time in history.

I respect everyone who tries to make the most ethical choice they know to the best of their knowledge, but I have concluded based on 1000s of hours of research from academic sources regarding what transforms nations and helps them thrive and be stable long term as well as what God says in these areas that the Constitution Party with Darrel Castle and Scott Bradley is the only one I can ethically support.

The Constitution Party is far closer to God's principles for wise government than any other party at present because they recognize God as the origin of human rights, that the government's role is mostly to protect these rights, that land rights for all are a crucial foundation of human rights (no other party recognizes this), that stable traditional families are a foundation of healthy societies, that the IRS/Federal Reserve cause much hardship for middle class (use tariffs, excise taxes and minimal taxes instead), that endless war enslaves a country in debt, that "free trade" mostly benefits corporations and harms the middle class, eradicating millions of jobs, they want to reduce government size so it's not so exploitative and more. Consider voting for them this election. Statistics show that if just a majority of Christians, or some Christians and some democrats/republicans, wise atheists, etc. vote for them, we could win this election. If that doesn't happen, we still need to increase awareness of God's wise principles for government and what Christians can do when they live under governments that have rejected God's principles. See a short overview of their main principles here:

The Seven Principles of the Constitution Party from Constitution Party on Vimeo.

This is by far the best election to vote for the Constitution party because:
1) Clinton and Trump have the highest
“strongly unfavorable” ratings in history. Clinton has 5% worse ratings than any other candidate and Trump is ~20% worse than any candidate before 2016.
2) At least 35% of American voters are very seriously considering voting for a 3rd party and a lot more would do so if they voted by principle and not by fear.
3) Clinton has a great deal of political experience. Donald Trump has none. Gary Johnson was governor 2 times, but does not like to delve into policy details very much. The leaders of the Libertarian Party and Green party do not have solid leadership skills. But both Darrel Castle and Scott Bradley of the Constitution Party have Ph.Ds. in law and some political experience. However Scott Bradley wisely resigned from the GOP saying:
“I resigned from the GOP in 2006 [because] I came to see the GOP as a bait-and-switch program. They usually had a pretty decent platform articulating a lot of key conservative and constitutional positions, but their candidates never abided by it once they got elected. George W. Bush had a GOP Congress for six years, and during that entire time, there was never a peep about ridding the nation of the abominable, horrific practice of abortion [and] there was no effort to restore constitutional government..."
If an ethical candidate does not win and he/she doesn't radically reform the nation, moral people can join together in moral protest to impeach/overthrow him/her. Peaceful protest is the most effective way to topple terrible leaders/dictators and it only takes 3.5-5% of the population to do it. And peaceful resistance is about twice as effective as violent resistance for real freedom/democracy long term.

Churches have long brought people together against tyrannical governments. They are the only force that has every really done so. Even leading atheist scholars like Dr. Walter Block at Loyola University agree that the main bulwark against totalitarianism is (healthy) churches and families:
"For most, it will appear as nothing less than a logical contradiction for an atheist such as myself to be an actual supporter and even admirer of religion. Let me explain.I am guided in this by the aphorism 'the enemy of my enemy is my friend.' While this does not always hold true, in this case I think it does.

So, which institution is the greatest enemy of human liberty? There can be only one answer: the state in general, and, in particular, the totalitarian version thereof. Perhaps there is no greater example of such a government than the USSR, and its chief dictators, Lenin and Stalin (although primacy of place in terms of sheer numbers of innocents murdered might belong to Mao’s China). We thus ask, which institutions did these two Russian worthies single out for opprobrium? There can be only one answer: primarily, religion, and, secondarily, the family. It was no accident that the Soviets passed laws rewarding children for turning in their parents for anti-communistic activities. There is surely no better way to break up the family than this diabolical policy. And, how did they treat religion? To ask this is to answer it. Religion was made into public enemy number one, and its practitioners viciously hunted down.

Why pick on religion and the family? Because these are the two great competitors — against the state — for allegiance on the part of the people. The Communists were quite right, from their own evil perspective, to focus on these two institutions. All enemies of the overweening state, then, would do well to embrace religion and the family as their friends, whether they are themselves atheists or not, parents or not.

Many scientists, economists, pastors and other experts agree that we face major threats and catastrophes of many kinds including economics/security/stability, health/disease/environment, crime/terrorism/war, broken families that increase addictions and dysfunctional behavior, threats to freedom, damaged education systems, threats to religious freedom, challenges in foreign policy and many other areas. Here are a few of many statistics that show that the middle class is being wiped out and gutted by the 1% and which mean that most people are effectively debt and/or wage slaves.
  • For the first time in U.S. history, banks own a greater share of residential housing net worth in the United States than all individual Americans put together.
  • The bottom 50 percent of income earners in the United States now collectively own less than 1 percent of the nation’s wealth....
  • Approximately 21 percent of all children in the United States are living below the poverty line in 2010 - the highest rate in 20 years.
  • U.S. homeownership rate has declined to 62.9%–the lowest rate since Census began tracking this. 

In America now the top .01% have more wealth than the bottom 90% (and in other countries it's similar or even worse). See:

This level of economic injustice is the worst recorded level of inequality in history and is the fundamental cause of almost all the damage and obscene things happening in the world today. You simply cannot have a stable society or most types of freedom with this kind of inequality. It always results in a great deal of chaos.

The liberal U.S. Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis said:
“We may have democracy in this country, or we may have wealth concentrated in the hands of a few, but we cannot have both.”

The conservative Ronald Reagan said.
“Our founding fathers knew that the American experiment in individual liberty, free enterprise, and republican self-government could succeed only if power was widely distributed, and since in any society social and political power flow from economic power, they saw that wealth and property would have to be widely distributed among the people in the country ... Could there be anything resembling a free enterprise economy, if wealth and property were concentrated in the hands of a few?“ President Ronald Reagan

Both democratic and republican parties claim they will improve lives. They have done a few admirable things here and there in small areas, but have refused to deal with the major foundational issues and they have been incapable of solving the major challenges for decades. 2 of the very most important issues to preserve freedom and human rights long term are that
  1. Land and natural resources must be widely distributed (this is NOT forcing people to have equal amounts of money). When people don't own their own land, they often end up spending ~30% of their income on rent, being forced into wage slavery (having no choice but to work in hierarchical organizations which are sometimes decent, but quite often dehumanizing and exploitative, in order to survive) instead of creatively using the talents God gave them in independent work, being forced into debt slavery, sex slavery or into terrorism and war.  
  2. High concentrations of wealth must be prevented. When the top 20% make ~9 times more than the bottom 20%, all sorts of societal chaos ensues as research from Dr. Wilkinson has shown.

Whether it's in Bible times or China in the 1900s or now, these are the most crucial issues. When the people in Israel were suffering from economic injustice and slavery, they asked governor Nehemiah for a solution. He went right to the heart of the matter, focusing on the economic exploitation of the rich in these 2 areas. He said to them:

“What you are doing is not right! Should you not walk in the fear of our God in order to avoid being mocked by enemy nations?...You must restore their fields, vineyards, olive groves, and homes to them this very day. And repay the interest you charged when you lent them money, grain, new wine, and olive oil.” Nehemiah 5:9,11

In China, Chiang Kai Shek lamented that he lost the ideological war to Mao Tse Tung and thus the war because he did not deal with land and economic injustices. He learned his lesson and did much better in Taiwan. But if people do not make these 2 issues a priority, then societies WILL eventually have totalitarians more or less like Mao take over.  The same thing happened in Russia before Stalin came, in Germany before the Nazis triumphed and in so many other cases.

Billionaire Nick Hanauer warns:
  • What do I see in our future now? I see pitchforks....Unless our policies change dramatically, the middle class will disappear, and we will be back to late 18th-century France. Before the revolution...No society can sustain this kind of rising inequality. In fact, there is no example in human history where wealth accumulated like this and the pitchforks didn’t eventually come out. You show me a highly unequal society, and I will show you a police state. Or an uprising. There are no counterexamples. None...Any student of history knows that...revolutions, like bankruptcies, come gradually, and then suddenly. One day, somebody sets himself on fire, then thousands of people are in the streets, and before you know it, the country is burning.
    "The Pitchforks Are Coming…For Us Plutocrats" 

Briefly, I support Darrel Castle and Scott Bradly they recognize the researched fact that human rights derive from biblical principles (see references below) and the main role of governments is to protect all human lives and their rights (not spend crazy amounts of money). They are the only party that recognizes that without widely distributed land rights, nations can’t be stable long term, human rights won’t be protected and the population will be exploited as the Bible teaches and so did 1000s of intellectuals throughout history. They oppose “free trade” which is just a boon for corporations and ruins the middle class. They recognize that we need to protect the environment for future generations. They rightly oppose wars and military intervention in other countries, recognizing as our founders did that most wars are waged for greed and that they make American people slaves to debt. They promote healthy family life with 1 husband and 1 wife. They advocate ending the IRS/Federal Reserve systems which gouge the middle class with high taxes and inflation and debt and have a plan to replace them mostly with tariffs and excise taxes, etc. You can see more of their positions here in short articles or later below in some more depth:

In addition, they are on the ballot or you can write them in in 47 states and they have a decent chance of winning if people share facts and research such as is on this website and many others. Large numbers of both democrats and republicans are repulsed by their candidates and won't vote for them. If even just a majority of evangelicals read this and choose to vote for the Constitution Party or if some evangelicals and some portions of some other voting blocks vote wisely, it could swing the election and the country to principles that will actually really work to solve problems and revitalize the nation. If you help this go viral by sharing it with your friends, it can reach a majority of people. Use your 6 degrees of separation and remember that it is individuals and small groups that have made almost all of the most important changes in history that increased freedoms. Let’s do it again!

I’ll list more details below with citations as well as why I think all other choices are incapable of solving the problems we face. I think that this is the ideal time for people who care about the future (esp. Christians, but also agnostics and atheists, conservatives and liberals) to stop voting for the lesser of 2 evils which has caused much exploitation of people. Let’s vote en masse for a truly wise and ethical third party as many in this election are deciding to do.

The Constitution Party is the only one that has embraced the most important principles that God and researchers and intellectuals from almost every background, theist to atheist, conservative to liberal, eastern and western agree can actually help resolve the major crises and challenges we face and can really protect human rights and promote real progress.

Both Clinton and Trump are highly corrupt and immoral warmongers who are in bed with corporations and will do very serious damage to America (and other alternatives such as Libertarians and the Green Party don’t support the most crucial principles for stable nations long term). I hope you seriously check out the Constitution Party positions since they are incredibly insightful and far more research based, ethically based and spiritually based than any other party.  Also share this website,, with as many as you can.

While there are admirable individuals on the left and right, both the democratic and republican parties are huge warmongers and have ruined dozens of countries for greed/oil, and are puppets of corporations and the military industrial complex. There are VERY few differences between them ( ) and they are huge contributing factors to many of the most serious causes of harm and death on the planet (bad health habits due to corporate propaganda, poverty/plutocracy, pollution, crime, broken families, war, terrorism, broken education system, etc.) Their warmongering and being pawns of corporations has cost America $6 trillion and the loss of a million lives. This danger was explicitly warned against by US leaders ranging from Madison to Eisenhower as destructive of liberty and it has directly resulted in America being a plutocracy since the 1980s according to research at Princeton and other places ( and it’s high time to boot them.

No human or organization is infallible, but after a brief summary of why it's not ethical to support Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, I'll explain why the Constitution Party is the best hope for the future and others fail. After that I’ll list in more detail with references reasons why the constitutional party has the only realistic chance for solving major challenges and why others are incapable of dealing with these challenges (keep checking back since updates will be added in time. And see also this website and share it: some of these will be added in updates as I have time, but I have read 1000s of pages of research that support what I’m saying).

Donald Trump can't be an option for any informed and sane person because of his extreme 100% narcissism/greed, being a parasite on the middle class by breaking promises/contracts with 1000s of employees, workers, small businesses, stealing over $800 million from taxpayers by using his dad's political force to threaten officials and get sweet deal tax breaks unavailable to others, his habitual lying almost every 3-5 minutes and “fundamental dishonesty” according to 50+ leading republicans, boasting of being the "most militaristic"candidate/major warmonger, his boasting of 100s affairs, being an absentee father/refusing to take care of his kids, many racist, sexist/objectifying, prejudiced comments against foreigners trying to unfairly blame them for almost every problem ranging from Latinos for crime to China for economics and others
(he studied Hitler intensely to learn how to do this) when it is actually people like him, the 1% who are primarily responsible for all America's problems. The Panama Papers scandal showed that the 1% have hidden $32 trillion in offshore tax shelters. If they just paid taxes normally, that would be enough money to solve poverty worldwide at least 100 times. Maybe worst of all is his arrogant pride and habitually refusing to confess almost any mistake.

A good documentary showing his extreme narcissism and how he blames and insults and lies about many others and places nearly all blame on minorities or foreigners (his wife has stated that he studiously read Hitler's propaganda tactics and for scholars, it's clear he is using the exact same tactics Hitler did). He is making America hate others instead of dealing with the real source of the problems (the elite 1%).

I considered Hillary Clinton, but many liberals, and even leading economists like Jeffrey Sachs,  condemn her for being the candidate of Wall Street and the US war machine. She has been the primary motivational force behind devastating Libya and several other countries almost solely due to greed for oil and to eliminate all competition to the dollar
as even wikileaks shows. This has been a main factor in causing over a millions deaths and cost US tax payers trillions and it's why even many liberals condemn her. This is a 3 minute intro:

Why Hillary Clinton's War Record Matters

She’s also been hugely responsible for harming the middle class because she betrayed her earlier commitment to uplifting women and children and signed government laws to allow banks and corporations to exploit the middle class in return for political contributions as Elizabeth Warren clearly explains. She has lied numerous timesShe has numerous scandals, her opposition to including facts about God in schools and the way her work has reduced religious freedoms in various areas while claiming she supports it. Simply, she supports Wall Street, war and the Walmart economy which are destroying the middle class even though she has claimed the opposite.

1 good documentary showing Clinton's corruption and how many corporations and foreign governments that have made donations to her foundation get government favors is here:

See also this site with main stream news confirmation of dozens of scandals.

There are ~200 reasons why Hillary Clinton is unfit to be president here:

There are way over 200 reasons why Donald Trump is unfit to be president:
191 Things Donald Trump Has Said and Done That Make Him Unfit to Be President

I suggest that BOTH of them are right. BOTH are unfit to be president! For Christians, BOTH of them betray almost all the major principles of the Bible for stable nations and for progress in the future as many Christians have pointed out. And supporting Clinton and especially Trump makes your claims about Christianity culpable in the numerous crimes that BOTH have committed.

I considered Gary Johnson/Libertarians. They talk impressively about freedom. But their “freedom” is gutting wise restrictions on corporations and allowing them to dominate and monopolize everything. This is plutocracy on steroids far worse than the present and as always will result in high speed losses of freedom.

I seriously considered Jill Stein/the Green party and it has a lot of good positions. But Stein thinks that religious freedom is a surrogate for patriarchal domination and opposes religion as a basis for schools or to be included in schools. She also supports Darwinism, gay marriage, abortion which destabilize society. Others I might support (like Elizabeth Warren and Colin Powell) have not filled out the proper forms for write-ins and votes for them will just be thrown away.

America (and the world) is facing multiple crises of epic proportions on multiple fronts including:

--A culture of death where 38 million people die because of health habits, 19 million due to poverty and 8-9 million due to pollution as UN studies have shown. Most of this is due to people rejecting Bible principles and following corporate propaganda and influence.

--massive economic injustice: The top 1% now own more than all the other 99% combined which means that most nations, including the US have been plutocracies for several decades and that many government laws are gutting the middle class which makes most people slaves to debt, destroys many opportunities for success and improvement, makes people easier to manipulate and deceive and much more.

--A culture of violence, crime, terrorism and war. As most knowledgeable scholars agree, this has nothing to do with Islam or any other religion. It has to do with greed of various types. Most wars are being waged due to US and European secular democracies’ desires to control oil and resources. Dr. Robert Pape has shown that 95% of terrorism is in response to this.

--An education system that is not educating students well for success in the future.

--A culture where media brainwashed people to think like corporations want them too.

--A culture with countless broken down families which produces dysfunctional adults who easily fall into various kinds of addictions.


PRO: The Constitution Party emphasizes (that)

**The Source of Rights/Role of Government. “The sole purpose of government, as stated in the Declaration of Independence, is to secure [protect] our unalienable rights given us by our Creator.” (not spend vast amounts of money) and that as Noah Webster correctly wrote:
“The moral principles and precepts contained in the Scriptures ought to form the basis of all our civil constitution and laws… All the miseries and evils which men suffer from vice, crime, ambition, injustice, oppression, slavery, and war proceed from their despising or neglecting the precepts in the Bible.”

 Dr. John Warwick Montgomery is a professor at the University of Luton and holds eleven earned degree including 2 Ph.Ds. He lectures about how the only real source of inalienable human rights is a God who is outside and above the laws of human nations and how these rights collapse when God’s principles are rejected (either by atheists or corrupt theists). Why Human Rights Are Impossible Without Religion

** The Basic Right of Life. Respect for human rights and right to life for all people and all ages (including fetuses) is crucial. ** The Basic Right of Private Property. “For Life and Liberty to be maintained, all humankind are afforded the right to own and control private property.” Unlike any other party, they have some understanding that land rights for each person are a crucial basis for human rights. They promote selling vast amounts of Federal land that waste resources and reduce tax income for government. 1000s of the most insightful thinkers ranging from Confucius to Lincoln to Reagan to Voltaire agree with God in Leviticus 25:19, Joshua 13-18, 1 Kings 4:25, Ezekiel 45/7, Acts 2/4 that widely distributed land rights avoids high concentrations of wealth that destroy freedom and are the key to long term national stability. Harvard

Professor Niall Ferguson says that this was the key reason why North America made enormous progress while South America was stymied in growth. “It's not the democracy, folks; it's having the rule of law based on private property rights. That's what makes the difference between North America and South America. You could turn up in North America having signed a deed of indenture saying, "I'll work for nothing for five years. You just have to feed me." But at the end of it, you've got a hundred acres of land. That's the land grant on the bottom half of the slide. That's not possible in Latin America where land is held onto by a tiny elite descended from the conquistadors. And you can see here the huge divergence that happens in property ownership between North and South. Most people in rural North America owned some land by 1900. Hardly anyone in South America did. That's another killer app.


“the property-owning populous was a crucial ingredient for American success, and the nation continued to grow in size, wealth, and power....While North America was heavily populated with land-owning colonials who displaced the native populations, the Spanish had by comparison laid land and power in the hands of very few, using natives as a class of laborers.

** The Basic Right of Liberty. “All humankind are afforded the basic right to think and act according to their conscience, as long as it does not violate the pre-existent rights of another person.”

** The Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land. “All laws, rules, regulations must be weighed against constitutional restraints, according to the Original and Actual Intent of the Founders. All international treaties must also be weighed in the same manner.” They emphasize limiting the federal government and respecting state's rights and repealing the 17th Amendment. “The Constitution Party calls for the defunding and dismantling of all unconstitutionally-authorized agencies and departments.”

**(Mostly) Tariff Taxation. The Constitution Party advocates abolishing federal taxes/IRS/16th amendment which are gutting the middle class and replacing them with tariffs on imports, excise taxes (on luxury good and unhealthy products like cigarettes, alcohol, etc.) and if necessary limited federal or state taxes.

**Trade: The CP advocates ending “free trade” which is a boon for corporations, but destroys jobs and ruins small businesses. “In the name of free trade, multi-national corporations have been given tax breaks by the U.S. government which are not available to American businesses, and the money extracted from U.S. taxpayers has been used by the government to subsidize exports and encourage businesses to move abroad. Such improprieties must cease.”

**Family: promote stable families with 1 husband and 1 wife as best for society.

**Reject Plutocratic conspiracies: The Constitution Party recognizes that the war on terror, war on drugs, etc. are fabricated and that most wars create debt and destroy liberty. They advocate avoiding foreign wars/alliances.

**Education: The Constitution Party promote education by family choice without control by federal government (they are against common core and promote godly education)

** The The Constitution Party promotes care and preservation of the environment as a priority balanced with wise development that does not harm the environment, but reduces air, water and land pollution.

**Against gun control and government health care, but land rights and economic justice positions compensate for that because they reduce crime and empower individuals to buy what they need for themselves.
**Too strict on immigration, but positive on legal immigration and their opposition to foreign wars/intervention for greed will reduce need for immigration.

Scott Bradley did an interview and here are a few excerpts:
“I resigned from the GOP in 2006 [because] I came to see the GOP as a bait-and-switch program. They usually had a pretty decent platform articulating a lot of key conservative and constitutional positions, but their candidates never abided by it once they got elected. George W. Bush had a GOP Congress for six years, and during that entire time, there was never a peep about ridding the nation of the abominable, horrific practice of abortion [and] there was no effort to restore constitutional government...

The War on Terrorism is an enigma. The whole war is a fabricated environment. James Madison warned that that a nation constantly at war cannot maintain its liberty. War destroys liberty and creates debt. It’s the most burdensome task a nation can ever undertake... I believe the War on Terror is controlled and manipulated by those who stand to gain from it, politically and financially. America has the best enemies money can buy, because we help to create them...

Our platform is the Constitution. I look at the War on Drugs as another fabricated war....for the most part, drug issues should be dealt with at the state and local level.

I am absolutely pro-life….

The Fed is not a government entity at all, but a private banking consortium. Since 1913 [when the Fed was founded] the dollar has lost 95 percent of its purchasing power. This is because the Fed has the power to create money out of thin air…With an institution like the Fed, you have a small number of wealthy, well-connected people who are tapped into the inflationary system, and who profit hugely from it. But for the rest of us, endless inflation means gradual impoverishment and the loss of our standard of living... look what happened when Andrew Jackson shut down Nicholas Biddle’s Second Bank of the United States, which was a central bank. Biddle engineered an economic downturn to put political pressure on Jackson, but eventually, Jackson prevailed and the economy recovered. The same can happen with the Fed….

we need to completely avoid so-called free trade agreements; they are managed trade. Americans have only a small voice in these agreements. We’ve off-shored our production and weakened ourselves thanks to agreements like NAFTA…we need to work toward energy independence. We can’t continue to depend on oil from places like the Middle East, especially when we have plenty of it right here.

True freedom, prosperity, and economic wealth are inextricably interwoven to the land because minerals, water, timber, energy sources, and agriculture are all tied to land ownership. Federal land ownership prevents a full measure of prosperity from being attained in the States that have been thus handicapped. Returning to the land-use formula which was set forth as this nation was founded would solve the economic crises face by the States, and end forever the energy crisis which is upon us because of our failed foreign policies and government-meddling in our domestic affairs, specifically land-use and ownership… the Constitution states the original intention of Founders that the land holdings of the federal government be relatively small and constrained to specific purposes defined within the Constitution…The reality is: we do not have too many people or too little land, we have too much government… the Nation must begin the effort to pass those lands into the control of the States and the people as is required by the United States Constitution.

PRO: Very few.

CON: Parasite on the middle class, Warmonger, “fundamentally dishonest” according to leading republicans, indifferent to religious freedom, did business with the mafia, cheated large numbers of business partners, customers, workers, robbed the government and taxpayers of ~$800+ million by threatening government officials, gutted and bankrupted many businesses, partners and stockholders while he made off with profits by theft, absentee father, proud adulterer, racist, liar, warmonger, and to top it all off, refuses to confess any of the evil things he has done.

More coming…

PROS: Very few.

CONS: Warmonger, devastated several countries for oil/greed and to kill the African dinar, indifferent to religious freedom, in bed with banks/wall street, lied many times, many scandals, against teaching about God in school, etc.

More coming…